Use and Be Used

You are going to get to your destination in 2018, without using money. Use your relationships.If you don’t use your relationships, you will always struggle. If you have a relationship with someone, you should use them and they should want to be used.
We were created to be connected to one another. It’s the reason why Jesus sent his disciples out in twos, it’s the reason why the Armed Forces send their soldiers out in twos, it’s the reason why people jumped from the flaming, burning Twin Towers during 9/11 in twos.

Use and be used, if you have a friend that doesn’t want you to use them to accomplish your dreams, they are not a friend. It’s only a relationSHIP when they can carry your load and not sink. I only want to be around people who can carry my load and I can carry their load….and we don’t sink.

Use your community, use your network, use your ecosystem and you can stop complaining about use of money. #LeaveNoPotentialOnTheTable


The White Supremacy Chopping Block

1.) Black people/Miniorities

2.) Jews

3.) White women

The sooner White women realize this, the faster the women’s movement will go.



Haiti, Haiti, Haiti oh how we have let you down

Cholera killing people is 2016, just doesn’t seem sound

But we hear about clowns

We don’t hear about how you ache, how you bleed, but if history is any indicator you will succeed

See, I know you to be the first black nation in the world to free ITSELF from slavery

The world is four-fifths black or brown but we think our power is in what they pay WE

Earthquakes can’t even shake you

Hurricanes can’t even wipe you out

Haiti, Haiti, Haiti is who the world should be talking about.

World History

There is this reoccurring theme in world history of people taking things from Black people when they want to: land, possessions, life, freedom, etc.

Philando Castile

Add Minnesota to the list of states where Police can kill an unarmed Black man and be found not guilty. Philando Castile was essentially guilty and executed for the following:
1.) Driving normally
2.) Pulling over quickly when stopped by police
3.) Being open and honest with the Officer
4.) Informing the officer of a (legal) gun in his car
He was then shot SEVEN times…TO DEATH. Nervous officers shouldn’t carry guns; give them a desk job, let them direct traffic….Officer Jeronimo Yanez had no business being in a police uniform. Uniforms are for the brave, and the rational. Philando Castile never stood a chance that day, today his family receiving justice never stood a chance. It appears that Black people don’t stand a chance in this JUST US system. #RIPPhilandoCastile #WhiteLivesMatterMost

Which Can Are You?

Many of us have some of the most amazing dreams, desires, and imaginations about our future. Our pursuit normally stops right there, though. Entrepreneur and best selling author Tony Robbins says, “the minute you start focusing on something, you have to give it a meaning. Entering 2017, I adopted this philosophy and action of making sure that I would not leave this earth without fully maximizing my potential. I got tired of suppressing who I really wanted to be and what I was truly capable of doing. At that point the #LeaveNoPotentialOnTheTable life was born. The entire philosophy is literally an exercise of reverse suppression.

Growing up I hated canned goods, no matter how affordable my mom told me they were, or how convenient they were for producing lunch and dinner for me and my sister. I can still remember our cabinets being lined with Chef Boyardee, canned corn, string beans, beans, potatoes…you get it, right. When I think about this world and the people that dwell in it, I can’t help but think of the assortment of potential that exists in each of them. Just like my kitchen cabinets growing up, the world is filled with an assortment of cans (people), that possess something of substance. Some of us are sealed/full Cans, some of us are half open/full Cans, some of us are open/full Cans, some of us are half full/empty Cans and some of us are open/empty Cans. Each of us has a vast amount of gifts, skills, abilities, dreams and imaginations in us, but left dormant, un tapped, or not fully maximized—is potential left on the table.

Which Can Are You?

1.) Sealed & Full Can: the individual that never started.

2.) Half Open & Full Can: the individual that sees the work ahead and would rather preserve.

3.) Open & Full Can: the individual that started and fear kicked in.

4.) Open & Half Empty/Full Can: the individual that always starts and stops.

5.) Open & Empty Can: the individual that starts and never stops.

We aren’t really cans, duh–were are earthen vessels though! Filled with hope, possibility, & love—our number one responsibility while we occupy this earth is to make sure we leave no potential on the table. As you can see the mission or the bullseye is to be an open & empty can. Now, how do we do that?!

Write & Watch. Talk & Take.

  • Write down your gifts, skills, abilities, dreams, and imagination
  • Talk about your gifts, skills, abilities, dreams, and imagination (not to everyone)
  • Take action in the direction of your gifts, skills, abilities, dreams, and imagination
  • Watch the universe work on your behalf and respond accordingly

A Concierge Approach to Community Policing (Part I)

Anyone remember the payphone, Blockbuster Video or the Walkman. Before these cultural staples left us and left culture–did you spend anytime debating if these things were good or bad? Did you spend anytime debating if you needed them anymore? That’s exactly how this Now/Next Generation feels about the Police—they don’t sit at home or at the bar debating if Police are needed—they firmly believe that we don’t need the POLICE anymore. Now, I think they are wrong: but every Freddie Gray, Rekia Boyd, Philando Castillo and countless others reaffirms their belief that they are correct.

This generation has no concept of “Officer Friendly” or “Crime Dog McGruff…all they know is F**k 12 and Defund Police and Invest in Education. Which ultimately leads us to the reality of legitimacy. America’s policing history with regard to Black people has been one of extraction. A history of taking something from Black people (life, freedom, things)—therefore the community doesn’t believe that police honor the words they took, by oath to serve and protect Black people. Police on the other hand, have traditionally seen Black, Brown and poor people as threats, savages, etc, who are therefore not worth of civilized treatment. Neither side sees the value in each other and it creates legitimacy issues, which creates a stalemate. If we want to end this stalemate between “Black Lives” and “Blue Lives” and which of their  lives matter most, we have to first acknowledge the legitimacy issues that each group has with one another.

Next week I will highlight the cost of getting community policing wrong.


I can’t imagine any company having a target market for African Americans (18-28) in the city of Chicago these days. As a matter of fact, AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) should cancel all future marketing promotions. Black people here are not living to the 50-year-old age they have established for membership. In 2016 in Chicago 762 people were killed. Roughly 90% of the people were BLACK and 75% were MEN. You will continue to hear about the scoreboard statistics of the homicides and shootings in Chicago on the news. They won’t EVER make the connection between one of the deadliest inner cities in the country and apparently the dumbest classrooms in Chicago, though… see, barely 1 out of 4 children (primarily black & brown)  were reading at grade level in 2016.

If I didn’t learn to read, I would probably be living a life of crime and violence too, maybe I’m crazy but education should be a violence prevention option.

The Hunt For Black Bodies

Terence Crutcher surrendered. He made a decision to stop fighting. Officer Shelby tazed and shot him, still. The broken down car wasn’t Terence Crutcher’s problem, not complying wasn’t his problem….being black was his problem. Being black is a problem in America, especially if you are black. Until the solution of being black in America is solved by not simply exterminating black people—poisoning our water (Flint), poisoning our bodies (Syphills Study/Alabama), poisoning our minds (Mind altering medications for an “increased” number of black boys with ADHD) nothing will ever change here. My name is Tim Jones and I am a black man—America, please stop hunting my black body. #BlackLivesMatter #WhiteLivesMatterMost

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