“When you wake up, blame it on the Jews, when you go to bed, blame it on the Jews.” This is just ONE, dark piece of propaganda Adolf Hitler used to penetrate the minds of the German people before creating policy to exterminate 6-11 million Jews. President Trump gave us the propaganda that created his tribe of 60+ million people (popular votes he received) during his campaign. This week/today, we get the policy: “The order bars all people hailing from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.” No, this is not extermination but it is blanket, “colonalistic” racism and it’s the ugliest side America could show to the world. Yes, God is in control but his creation is out of control. His creation is FAR from Him and His will. Today, pray for a revelation, that would start a revolution and cause a relocation of finances, resources, people & power across the Globe.


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