If you are anything like me, you have more questions, than you have answers concerning our political leaders. Questions like: what would make one party consider a “nuclear option” to push a Supreme Court Judge nominee through to the Supreme Court, who is: anti-Immigrant, anti- Union (Pro Big Business), anti- LGBTQ, and anti- Women’s Rights?
Why has one party made their number one priority to repeal Obamacare? Why have they voted to repeal Obamacare more than 60 times? I mean only 6% of Americans receive insurance from individual market insurance (most people get health insurance through their employer or Medicare/Medicaid). 6% is a terrible small piece of the healthcare market, so why all the fuss?! The fuss is about Black, Brown and poor people experiencing any gains. Obamacare has expanded coverage among African Americans, Latinos, and poor Whites. 18 million people who have healthcare now, won’t if and when it is repealed.
Then there is this about our law makers; since the 17th century The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate have had a resident Chaplain (representative of God). One of the responsibilities of the chaplain is to open the day’s floor meeting in PRAYER. For centuries Chaplains have prayed to God on the floor of the Capitol, prior to “godly” men (predominately men) and women creating policy that has crippled Black, Brown and poor people. Prayer is for unceasing asking for a will you want done. I’m not questioning anyone’s prayers, but there is something fundamentally wrong with inviting God into a will you want done, that pulverizes his creation (people, land, and resources).
Call me crazy but it may be time for some new leadership that is a better reflection of this country. #BuildBlackPoliticalPower

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