True blue Americans, White and Black (go figure) were screaming “show some respect” to Colin Kaepernick when he decided NOT to stand during the National Anthem last year.  I have to imagine “show some respect” is what Mamie Till-Mobley was screaming in 1955, after Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam were acquitted for the murder of her 14-year- old son (Emmett Till). Emmett Till was killed for “acting inappropriately” with a white woman (I wonder how many white women do inappropriate things to get Colin Kaepernick’s attention today). I have to imagine “show some respect” is what Sean Bell’s fiancé was screaming to Judge Arthur Cooperman who acquitted the 3 detectives who shot & killed her groom and his two friends a total of 50 times in 2006. The judge said the detectives made a “fair and just decision.” I have to imagine show respect is what the residents of Flint, Michigan are STILL screaming to Governor Snyder.

“Show some respect is what one of the oldest heritages/people groups in America has been screaming since 1619. Colin Kaepernick is brave and has my full support and love. Big shout out to Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf who was woke about this particular issue in 1996.



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