Philando Castile

Add Minnesota to the list of states where Police can kill an unarmed Black man and be found not guilty. Philando Castile was essentially guilty and executed for the following:
1.) Driving normally
2.) Pulling over quickly when stopped by police
3.) Being open and honest with the Officer
4.) Informing the officer of a (legal) gun in his car
He was then shot SEVEN times…TO DEATH. Nervous officers shouldn’t carry guns; give them a desk job, let them direct traffic….Officer Jeronimo Yanez had no business being in a police uniform. Uniforms are for the brave, and the rational. Philando Castile never stood a chance that day, today his family receiving justice never stood a chance. It appears that Black people don’t stand a chance in this JUST US system. #RIPPhilandoCastile #WhiteLivesMatterMost

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