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There is this misnomer that the pinnacle of the political process is Election Day. While Election Day is important; organizing, vote empowerment/education & most importantly candidate selection is where voters truly flex their power. Throughout time the PEOPLE have always been greater than the power, but power is rarely surrendered–it has to be taken away!! Aren’t you tired of saying “I’m forced to vote for the lesser of two evils”?! Let’s organize, let’s create our own slate for EVERY election–candidates fully vetted, financed and supported by the PEOPLE.



True blue Americans, White and Black (go figure) were screaming “show some respect” to Colin Kaepernick when he decided NOT to stand during the National Anthem last year.  I have to imagine “show some respect” is what Mamie Till-Mobley was screaming in 1955, after Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam were acquitted for the murder of her 14-year- old son (Emmett Till). Emmett Till was killed for “acting inappropriately” with a white woman (I wonder how many white women do inappropriate things to get Colin Kaepernick’s attention today). I have to imagine “show some respect” is what Sean Bell’s fiancé was screaming to Judge Arthur Cooperman who acquitted the 3 detectives who shot & killed her groom and his two friends a total of 50 times in 2006. The judge said the detectives made a “fair and just decision.” I have to imagine show respect is what the residents of Flint, Michigan are STILL screaming to Governor Snyder.

“Show some respect is what one of the oldest heritages/people groups in America has been screaming since 1619. Colin Kaepernick is brave and has my full support and love. Big shout out to Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf who was woke about this particular issue in 1996.


E-Mail to the Public


Cc: Nivea, Pepsi, Shea Moisture

Subject: Why Nineva, Pepsi, and Shea Moisture Fails Will Happen Again and Again and Again…

The decisions makers for the fails are predominately white.

The executive leadership team that holds the decisions makers accountable are predominately white.

The Board that oversees the executive leadership team accountable is predominately white.

The world is 4/5 Black or Brown and the decision makers across every industry are predominately white…a lack of diverse voice leads to perverse messages.

Once a company has maximized profits on the BACKS of Blacks as their base/consumers…they don’t care about offending them or omitting them



We live in a culture where there is no longer anything for everyone. Right now, in America the most popular soft drink is other, the most popular beer is none of the above. So, this idea of only having two dominant parties vying for one of the most important jobs in the republic, doesn’t work for Millennials and most voting Americans—we are living in a time of other. Millennials want something OTHER than what’s been and they don’t believe systems are broken, they believe something much deeper—they believe that we don’t need those systems anymore.
 The apathy, and discontent with our election process is real and will be forced to change, if America wants to see change.


Black people: it’s not that you deserve to die for selling loose squares or bootleg CDs….those are administrative offenses, it’s not that you deserve die because you threaten the police with a 4-inch blade (in a stand off) …they have trained, sworn by oath officials to protect/serve you & talk you down from hurting yourself or others, it’s that the only way to kill your dreams, imagination and goals is to exterminate your body…. a realization that is as old as America.


4 years ago I believed America made a significant shift to what they believed was possible for America. More dotted white lines (unrestricted mobility) and less solid white lines (obstruction and zero transfer/change).

4 years ago:

  • Elected a Black man to a 2nd term as President
  • He won every swing state except North Carolina (crazy right?!)
  • Legalized recreation marijuana in Colorado and Washington
  • Elected first openly gay U.S. Senator (in Wisconsin) of all places

We could have kept progressing, but we decided to restrict our mobility as a country by electing Donald Trump.


If you are anything like me, you have more questions, than you have answers concerning our political leaders. Questions like: what would make one party consider a “nuclear option” to push a Supreme Court Judge nominee through to the Supreme Court, who is: anti-Immigrant, anti- Union (Pro Big Business), anti- LGBTQ, and anti- Women’s Rights?
Why has one party made their number one priority to repeal Obamacare? Why have they voted to repeal Obamacare more than 60 times? I mean only 6% of Americans receive insurance from individual market insurance (most people get health insurance through their employer or Medicare/Medicaid). 6% is a terrible small piece of the healthcare market, so why all the fuss?! The fuss is about Black, Brown and poor people experiencing any gains. Obamacare has expanded coverage among African Americans, Latinos, and poor Whites. 18 million people who have healthcare now, won’t if and when it is repealed.
Then there is this about our law makers; since the 17th century The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate have had a resident Chaplain (representative of God). One of the responsibilities of the chaplain is to open the day’s floor meeting in PRAYER. For centuries Chaplains have prayed to God on the floor of the Capitol, prior to “godly” men (predominately men) and women creating policy that has crippled Black, Brown and poor people. Prayer is for unceasing asking for a will you want done. I’m not questioning anyone’s prayers, but there is something fundamentally wrong with inviting God into a will you want done, that pulverizes his creation (people, land, and resources).
Call me crazy but it may be time for some new leadership that is a better reflection of this country. #BuildBlackPoliticalPower



Flint, MI in April 2014…
Resilient, Poor, Black People: Mr. Governor the water is poisoning us.

Mr. Governor: Chill, we will just tap the polluted Flint River so that you can use that for water. Also, it will help us cut costs from using Detroit’s supply from Lake Huron.

Resilient, Poor Black People: Okay, but the water has a foul taste, and smells and looks like urine.

Mr. Governor:

Resilient, Poor, Black People: Mr. Governor our kids have high levels of lead in their blood, please deal with the water.

Mr. Governor:

Resilient, Poor, Black People: Mr. Governor 10 people have died from Legionnaires Disease and many others are sick.

Mr. Governor:

The extermination of poor Black people continues and the Governor OF Michigan is (STILL) quiet and doing nothing.

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