Black people: it’s not that you deserve to die for selling loose squares or bootleg CDs….those are administrative offenses, it’s not that you deserve die because you threaten the police with a 4-inch blade (in a stand off) …they have trained, sworn by oath officials to protect/serve you & talk you down from hurting yourself or others, it’s that the only way to kill your dreams, imagination and goals is to exterminate your body…. a realization that is as old as America.


4 years ago I believed America made a significant shift to what they believed was possible for America. More dotted white lines (unrestricted mobility) and less solid white lines (obstruction and zero transfer/change).

4 years ago:

  • Elected a Black man to a 2nd term as President
  • He won every swing state except North Carolina (crazy right?!)
  • Legalized recreation marijuana in Colorado and Washington
  • Elected first openly gay U.S. Senator (in Wisconsin) of all places

We could have kept progressing, but we decided to restrict our mobility as a country by electing Donald Trump.


If you are anything like me, you have more questions, than you have answers concerning our political leaders. Questions like: what would make one party consider a “nuclear option” to push a Supreme Court Judge nominee through to the Supreme Court, who is: anti-Immigrant, anti- Union (Pro Big Business), anti- LGBTQ, and anti- Women’s Rights?
Why has one party made their number one priority to repeal Obamacare? Why have they voted to repeal Obamacare more than 60 times? I mean only 6% of Americans receive insurance from individual market insurance (most people get health insurance through their employer or Medicare/Medicaid). 6% is a terrible small piece of the healthcare market, so why all the fuss?! The fuss is about Black, Brown and poor people experiencing any gains. Obamacare has expanded coverage among African Americans, Latinos, and poor Whites. 18 million people who have healthcare now, won’t if and when it is repealed.
Then there is this about our law makers; since the 17th century The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate have had a resident Chaplain (representative of God). One of the responsibilities of the chaplain is to open the day’s floor meeting in PRAYER. For centuries Chaplains have prayed to God on the floor of the Capitol, prior to “godly” men (predominately men) and women creating policy that has crippled Black, Brown and poor people. Prayer is for unceasing asking for a will you want done. I’m not questioning anyone’s prayers, but there is something fundamentally wrong with inviting God into a will you want done, that pulverizes his creation (people, land, and resources).
Call me crazy but it may be time for some new leadership that is a better reflection of this country. #BuildBlackPoliticalPower



Flint, MI in April 2014…
Resilient, Poor, Black People: Mr. Governor the water is poisoning us.

Mr. Governor: Chill, we will just tap the polluted Flint River so that you can use that for water. Also, it will help us cut costs from using Detroit’s supply from Lake Huron.

Resilient, Poor Black People: Okay, but the water has a foul taste, and smells and looks like urine.

Mr. Governor:

Resilient, Poor, Black People: Mr. Governor our kids have high levels of lead in their blood, please deal with the water.

Mr. Governor:

Resilient, Poor, Black People: Mr. Governor 10 people have died from Legionnaires Disease and many others are sick.

Mr. Governor:

The extermination of poor Black people continues and the Governor OF Michigan is (STILL) quiet and doing nothing.


“When you wake up, blame it on the Jews, when you go to bed, blame it on the Jews.” This is just ONE, dark piece of propaganda Adolf Hitler used to penetrate the minds of the German people before creating policy to exterminate 6-11 million Jews. President Trump gave us the propaganda that created his tribe of 60+ million people (popular votes he received) during his campaign. This week/today, we get the policy: “The order bars all people hailing from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.” No, this is not extermination but it is blanket, “colonalistic” racism and it’s the ugliest side America could show to the world. Yes, God is in control but his creation is out of control. His creation is FAR from Him and His will. Today, pray for a revelation, that would start a revolution and cause a relocation of finances, resources, people & power across the Globe.


Compliance won’t stop it.

Omnipresent media won’t stop it.

Indictments won’t stop it.

Why? Because there is a war on Black people in America. Listen, I’m fairly educated, a decent Christian and a seemingly good family man and my life can be exterminated by the police… and I don’t sell loose squares, pedal bootleg CDs, raise my voice when asked to step out of the car by police, nor do I play with toy guns. Despite my ability to comply and live out this “American Dream” there is a war going on for my black body.



And to the republic to which it stands…we have a few problems:

  • There is a representation problem: White Americans are only 63% of the US population, yet they make up 90% of all elected officials


  • There is an ethical behavioral problem: In the state of Illinois, of last 7 Governors, 4 have gone to prison; more than 30 Chicago City Councilmen have been convicted of crimes since 1973. Overall more than 1,000 public officials and businessmen in Illinois have been convicted of public corruption since 1970


  • There is a voter suppression problem: 14 states had new voting restrictions in place for the first time in November’s presidential election (11 of those states with to Trump)


The only way to combat these problems is for the people to take on the power.

Just Leave Us Alone

How many White neighborhoods are in the top 10 neighborhoods in Chicago with the most BIKE tickets? B***h you guessed it….ZERO!! Lol….how is this even possible?! Divvy’s website doesn’t even promote Austin, North Lawndale, Humboldt Park, South Lawndale, Chicago Lawn, West Englewood, Roseland, West Garfield Park, New City or South Chicago (most ticketed areas) on their website as “popular riding” locations. Yet, 7 Black neighborhoods and 3 Brown neighborhoods are the most ticketed areas in the city.

A working definition for reparations is payment of a debt when you have done something wrong. At what point will society begin to repay Black and Brown people for plundering their existence. I mean we can’t even ride our bikes through our dilapidated and depleted neighborhoods, without being ticketed for not riding in the invisible bike lanes, that should be outlined over and around the kiddy pool sized pot holes that fill our streets.

Something wrong is (still) being done in Flint, something wrong is being done in D.C. but as usual, problems in Black/Brown communities are being treated as TENSIONS to manage and not PROBLEMS to solve. #WhiteLivesMatterMost

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